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Novosibirsk, 25 May 2017

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MaaS Alliance – New Mobility Schemes: Impact on Business, Operations and Regulation

Brussels, 3 May 2017

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12 December 2016

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7th IRU International Taxi Forum
“Taxi – Anytime, Anywhere 4.0”
3rd IRU International Taxi Business Reception

4 – 5 November 2016
Cologne, Germany

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3rd I-CVUE Workshop on electric taxis

25 October 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium.

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The taxi focused Hack-A-Thon challenge will be presented and kicked off in the first Plenary Session of IATR’s 29th Annual Conference to be held in San Francisco on 22 – 25  September 2016.

23 – 24 September.
Locations: San Francisco, New York, Abu Dhabi, West Lafayette.

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The 4th World Collaborative Mobility Congress “wocomoco”

7 – 8 September 2016
Warsaw, Poland

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IV International Eurasian Forum “TAXI”

Moscow, Russia. 4-5 August 2016

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TAXI & MOBILITY Update 2016

23 -24 June

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IRU round table discussion

26 May 2016
Novosibirsk, Russia

The discussion will be organised in the framework of TransSiberia, a regional exhibition for the transportation industry, warehousing and logistics. UpTop, the Global Taxi Network, will
be showcased by IRU as its flagship initiative in the taxi sector.

Lunch debate on “What technological disruption means for mobility”

25 May 2016
Brussels, Belgium

IRU – EU Lunch Debate

This event, supported by Michael Cramer MEP, Chair of the European Parliament Transport & Tourism Committee, will bring together politicians, policy and decision makers with industry voices including drivers and operators. The relaxed lunch debate will address some key questions on the opportunities and challenges that innovation brings to the taxi and hire cars with driver industry both from a regulatory and user-centric angle and provide an opportunity for open discussion and knowledge-sharing.

Reinaissance Hotel
Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium.

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UpTop showcased at ITF Open Stage Café

18 May 2016 16.00 – 16.30
Leipzig, Germany

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TLPA’s Spring Conference & Expo 2016

21 – 23 April
New York, USA

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ATIA International Taxi Conference

10 – 14 April 2016
Gold Coast, Australia

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I-CVUE workshop on electric taxis

22 March 2016
Vienna, Austria

UpTop was given as an example of innovation in the taxi sector.

International Taxi Conference on “The future of taxi services in a fast changing market and technological environment”

5 February 2016
Istanbul, Turkey

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