is one of the earliest partners in UpTop. From the start Taxi Berlin CEO Hermann Waldner (64) put his shoulders under this international project. Apart from being involved in FMS Systems (, the leading Berlin taxi operator was recently elected vice-president of the German taxi and private hire association BZP. Enough reasons to call Berlin:

  • Mr. Waldner, in 2011 you started But what exactly is and how many members does it have in Europe?

Hermann Waldner: “ is a cooperative network of a large number of taxi radio circuits in over a 100 European cities. Through its members is active in 12 countries. The members are radio circuits whose taxis can be ordered with their direct apps or via the app.”

“’s partners strictly comply with the legal requirements in the individual countries and cities and not only offer the opportunity to provide a high-quality taxi service via ordering by app, but also work with more than 2.500 callcentre operators in order to offer a comprehensive and differentiated service via telephone-ordering.”

“In a further 2.500 European cities, which are not reached directly through the app, the customer reaches the regional call centre via direct dialing from the app. Per affiliated taxi the taxi companies pay a small monthly flat rate to to finance the supra-regional marketing.”

  • For what reason did you start

“We wanted to harness the power of the individual taxi radio circuits in a large and unified European appearance – both as an app and ordering portal so that we can secure the existence of the individual taxi companies for the future. Within a few years, clients looking for taxis will no longer search for taxis locally or regionally, but will be able to turn to a limited number of well-known, high-quality supra-regional taxi services.”

  • You were also one of the first partners of UpTop. Why did you find UpTop so important?

“To us UpTop is very important because it is no longer enough to offer your taxi services in a local area. In UpTop the IRU is the trusted contract partner, providing an umbrella under which all essential taxi app portals around the world can operate as a network to a uniform standard. Connections and networking will help to further enhance this high uniform standard everywhere.”

  • How should UpTop develop? And what role will play on its own and in UpTop?

“ had already been a source of positive impulses and ideas within the IRU a year before the official start of UpTop. Direct ordering via the Europe-server currently offers the highest possible standard of speed and reliability. In the medium and long term, it would be appropriate for all UpTop partners to agree on one system for dispatching and server networks. The operator of this service network and software system should be an experienced system provider of the taxi and private hire industry. Supervision should be the responsibility of UpTop.”

  • Apart from its participation in UpTop, will also be extended independently?

“Since 2013 has already been connected with the two main German app providers ‘Taxi Deutschland’ and ‘Cab4me’. In 2015 we have also linked directly with eCab. Of course we will be striving for further connections with other cities and other taxi app systems.”

“ would like to motivate current and future UpTop partners to follow these examples. A worldwide uniform taxi service of high quality via a reputable taxi app is no longer a utopia. However, there still remains a great deal of work and persuasion to make it happen. will do its best to actively contribute to this global taxi network.”

  • Hermann Waldner ( had already been a source of positive impulses and ideas within the IRU before UpTop started.”