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About UpTop

The UpTop Global Taxi Network has been created to promote legal, reliable, high quality and safe services to taxi customers by making use of the latest smartphone technology for taxis, in full respect of the regulatory framework in force.

UpTop is a collaborative partnership between many parts of the industry to become more knowledgeable of both potential challenges and their solutions, to share best practices, and to ultimately create a better service that develops our business to anticipate the needs that lie ahead.

By working together, UpTop can pool resources and ideas to deliver a service across the globe that customers value and will pay for over less personal and lower quality options.

Join the world’s fastest growing taxi network.

As the only global network of taxi industry professionals, UpTop unites the parts of our industry that are committed to improve the best of what we have, to collaborate on what we don’t, and to anticipate what lies ahead.

Any taxi smartphone application service provider is entitled to apply to become an UpTop Partner. To be eligible, the app has to meet a pre-defined set of service quality conditions, and the app service provider needs to commit to respect the principles and rules of the network. Applications are assessed by the Evaluation Committee.

To find out more and to submit an application to join the UpTop Global Taxi Network contact IRU in Brussels.

IRU Permanent Delegation to the EU
32-34 av. de Tervueren, bte 17
1040 Brussels
Tel: +32-2-743 25 80

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1107, 2017

UpTop Newsletter July 2017-11

707, 2017

Hermann Waldner (taxi.eu): “An app-based high-quality worldwide taxi service network is no utopia”

Taxi.eu is one of the earliest partners in UpTop. From the start Taxi Berlin CEO Hermann Waldner (64) put his shoulders under this international project. Apart from being involved in FMS Systems (taxi.eu), the leading [...]

707, 2017

Toyota invests in Maas Global; MaaS Global expects West-Midlands, Antwerp and Amsterdam to go live this year

Toyota Financial Services (TFS), together with its insurance partner announced it has made a significant investment in the Finnish company MaaS Global Ltd. MaaS Global Ltd was established in April 2016 to provide multi-modal transportation services. […]

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Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland

Taxi 40100


Taxi Deutschl.


St. Petersburg 068


Taxi 777




Taxi Hail

North America, United Kingdom, Mexico, France


North America (with international offices in North America, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia)



Allo Taxi


Rezident Taxi


Taxi 31300








The ride





France & Belgium



Taxis Bleus


Flügen Rides


Charlie Taxi


Original Software



Evaluation Committee Members

The IRU UpTop International Evaluation Committee is in charge of analysing, evaluating and deciding upon the applications submitted by taxi smartphone application service providers wishing to become an UpTop Partner. It is composed of experts with a legal and operational background, both from the IRU Secretariat and nominated by Members.

Roland Böhm Deutscher Taxi - Und Mietwagenverband e.v.
Remi LebedaIRU
Dwight KinesTaxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA)
Ana Taliberti IRU
Jantine VochtelooBeleidsadviseur KNV Taxi
Blair Davies Australian Taxi Industry Association (ATIA)
Yann Brillat-SavarinUnion Nationale des Industries du Taxi (UNIT)
Pierre SteenberghenGroupement National des Entreprises Taxis et de Voitures de Location avec Chauffeur (GTL)

Advisory Committee Members

The IRU UpTop Advisory Committee is a high-level advisory body guiding UpTop on matters related to its functioning, taxi service quality, regulations and fair competition, including with actors claiming to belong to the sharing economy but simply acting as commercial transport intermediaries. It is composed of leading international public and private stakeholders and chaired by Ms Mary Crass, Head of Policy and Summit Preparation for the International Transport Forum (ITF).

Mary CrassInternational Transport Forum (ITF)
Matthew DausInternational Association of Transportation Regulators (IATR)
Christian de BarrinHOTREC
Wim FaberSenior Editor and Independent Taxi Expert
Ray MundyUniversity of Missouri St Louis (UMSL)
Oleg KamberskiIRU
Mac UrataInternational Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)
Richard DarberáUniversity of Paris XII Val-de-Marne
Susan ShaheenUniversity of California, Berkeley


For any questions or to learn more about the UpTop Global Taxi Network and its work, please write to us here:

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